Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Little Vacation To Macao (Day1)

If you had followed my instagram, you might knew that I had went to Macao two weeks ago(23/11~24/11) for a very short vacation! And you might knew that I went with my two lovely best friends, Kasa and CY!
Sorry that I will not post any fashion things in this blog post and one more upcoming post, since I really want to share my life with you.

So many pictures, right?lol 
Anyway, we ate a lot of Macao local foods! They're yummy! Also, we visited different places in Macao(ps. we don't even planned where we going visit before)(I don't even remember where did we visited. lmao)! And, we visited our friend, he let us live in his house and brought us to a bar at midnight! Also, the most important thing is, we went to watch 'Hugh Music Festival' and my favorite band is one of the performers! So happy to see them in Macao!
BTW, the weather of that 2days were super great! Sunshine everywhere! It's just like summer in there! So lucky the weather were so perfect like this!

Hmmm.. I'll update day 2 very soon! If you're interested about my life, please come back~ If you're not really interested, I do feel sad, but never mind, come back again after the Macao Day2 post.lol

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stay tuned and stay safe,

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