Friday, January 24, 2014

Music Fashion Show

Yes, I went to a fashion event named ''Music Fashion Show'' of Fashion Forward Festival(FFF) on 18th Jan,2014. There were local bands and singers performed on the runway(so-called), and they worn designer's goods to show that fashion can mix with music. Honestly, I went there because of fashion and my favorite band, Supper Moment. However, it's a bit disappointed about the show, cause it's too short and no catwalk show.... But anyway, I had a great night to enjoy music and had fun with my lovely friends.

After the show, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant (I forgot the name of the restaurant...sorry). The foods are so yummy, especially the drink! It's called Ice Rambutan Juice(紅毛丹冰).

About my outfit of that day, I worn H&M's jacket and jeans, EG's sweater, Dr. Martens' boots, and a cap bought in Taiwan. Quite simple and not some new stuffs, cause I didn't bought too much clothes in this winter. I need to save more money for my trip to Taiwan next month, and also buy a new mobile phone. Gonna work harder this few months!

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Erin Cheung

Friday, January 17, 2014

Vivienne Westwood SS14 Fashion Show

Hello there! I believe this is my first blog post of new year. Happy new year then :D!(Is it too late lol?)
Anyway, I went to Vivienne Westwood SS14 fashion show yesterday. I was so delighted! Vivienne Westwood is toooooooooo awesome!

There were so many people and soooooooo many celebrities!! There were so gorgeous (or chic)!!! I do opened my eyes! You know what, I'm gonna be one of them and sit in the front row in every fashion show (in the furture:P)!! (dreaming......)
BTW, I got a souvenir after the show! I was so happy, whatever I got lol.

I guess that's all. Happy new year again lol! Let's make progress with me in this year! I had set my new year resolutions already, how about you? Let me know in the comment below, tell me what's your new year resolution(s). I would love to hear it :)!

Stay safe and stay tuned.
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