Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Vacation to Macao Day2

Hello everyone~ Here's the day 2(24/11) of the trip to Macao! Let's get started!

Yes~ We visited different places in Macao too. And we ate a lot too lol! We never stop eating lol. We had a great day! As you can see, we had a great dinner! It's really expensive, but our friend said we couldn't left without having a great dinner, so.... that's it~ He is such nice guy!

Um... btw, like what I said before, I love travelling! Cause I can open my eyes and feel the world. I love travelling with friends too! It's a great chance to know more about each other and create a sweet memory in the relationship! However, I wish I can travelling with myself one day! You know, travelling with yourself is a great opportunity to meet friends, gain experiences, grow up, open your eyes, and know more about yourself etc. I must do this! Yes! I must!

Anyway, it's the end of this post. Please follow my instagram, again, it's really help me a lot!

Stay tunes and stay safe,

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