Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 BODW Fashion Show

Hello there~ I can't wait to share with you! Today was a big day for me! I got a great opportunity to be the helper in a fashion show! It's my honored! I can't believe that I can be the helper of BODW fashion show this year! Thanks God! Thanks for giving my this chance!

I met different people here, designers, stylists, models, schoolmates, teachers etc. It's really open my eyes! The designers are so different! All of them have their own style and personality, some are mean, some are nice. The models are super tall(of course)! They're beautiful and handsome and nice! I had a nice chat with 2 of them lol. BTW, I met Six Lee there! We had a very little chitchat! I felt so happy, you know! Sadly, I didn't took picture with him... cause we are too busy... If I can meet him again next time, I must leave my work immediately and start chatting with him lol.

Anyway, I was so happy today! Hope that I will not be the helper, but the designer, one day! Hope that I will have more chances to get closer to the designer. Hope that I will have more opportunities like this!

That is! Stay tunes and stay safe,
(Sorry for the poor quality photos, I took them by my phone...)