Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hello sweeties! Me and Kasa went to Sham Shui Po on 12.11.2013 for finding some samples of fabric to do our school assignment. Sham Shui Po is a heaven of material. If you go to Sham Shui Po, you must get something you want!
BTW, let's see what I worn on that day!

(ps. I edited the pictures :P, make them look like old photo.)
1) denim jacket from MayChi
2) vest from ... (Sorry, I forgot:P)
3) skirt from MayChi
4) platform shoes from thecollections
photos took by Kasa

Moreover, here are some photography I had taken. Wanna share them with you and show you how Sham Shui Po looks like:)!

Yes! I'm learning photography! Learning how to use camera, learning how to edit pictures, learning how to capture different moments. I love taking pictures cause pictures help me remember everything in my life! You never know what will change in next second, so I want to capture everything sweet moments!
BTW, let me show you some pictures I took for Kasa:P!
If you want to see more pictures that I took for Kasa and wanna know more about this pretty girl, go check out her instagram(@kasaweyoung)/(@wefreeourdreams)
Also! If you wanna know more about my life, you can follow my instagram too which is @erininelienland

stay tune and stay safe, xoxo

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