Monday, December 30, 2013

End of 2013

(1)scarf from Cotton On (2)jacket form H&M (3)t-shirt form Weekend Wardrobe (4) pants from ??

Something wrong with the pictures, I don't know what happened:(.. Anyway, it's the last day of 2013, did you all had a great 2013? I did:)! Never thought that 2013 could be so amazing like this! I hope that 2014 can be much more crazier than 2013:P! BTW, I watched ''The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty''. Well... It's not a bad movie... but just a little little bit disappointed~ um.. But I like this movie, still. :P

Sorry for the late posting... I had been so busy and lazy:P. Gonna be a better blogger in 2014! Oh! Yes.. I had returned the Cannon camera to my friend already:(.. In 2014, sorry that there are no more HQ pictures till I buy a new camera:(... But, don't worry, buddies! This blog will never ending even no HQ pictures!

Oh yeah! Happy new year:)
stay tunes and stay safe, xoxo,

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Detour Matters--Fashion Party

Yes, an other fashion event! It's a fashion party, I think lol.

A little high fashion show in there. As you can see, so many people there! Designers, teachers, and even students(like me and my friends lol)!

Happy to met some new friends there! And, of course, Six Lee too! So happy that could took photo with him! Also, I saw Robert Wun and Haven Plz etc. If you know more about Hong Kong fashion designers, you must knew them!

I had a really great night! Free beers, musics, dance, fashions, and friends! I like this party so much! Can see different people there! An opportunity to open my small eyes lol. However, I was too shy to chat with others lol. Anyway, when will be the next chance to join fashion event? I don't know. I wish that I don't need to wait too long :P.

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Stay tunes and stay safe,
xoxo, Erin

Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 BODW Fashion Show

Hello there~ I can't wait to share with you! Today was a big day for me! I got a great opportunity to be the helper in a fashion show! It's my honored! I can't believe that I can be the helper of BODW fashion show this year! Thanks God! Thanks for giving my this chance!

I met different people here, designers, stylists, models, schoolmates, teachers etc. It's really open my eyes! The designers are so different! All of them have their own style and personality, some are mean, some are nice. The models are super tall(of course)! They're beautiful and handsome and nice! I had a nice chat with 2 of them lol. BTW, I met Six Lee there! We had a very little chitchat! I felt so happy, you know! Sadly, I didn't took picture with him... cause we are too busy... If I can meet him again next time, I must leave my work immediately and start chatting with him lol.

Anyway, I was so happy today! Hope that I will not be the helper, but the designer, one day! Hope that I will have more chances to get closer to the designer. Hope that I will have more opportunities like this!

That is! Stay tunes and stay safe,
(Sorry for the poor quality photos, I took them by my phone...)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Vacation to Macao Day2

Hello everyone~ Here's the day 2(24/11) of the trip to Macao! Let's get started!

Yes~ We visited different places in Macao too. And we ate a lot too lol! We never stop eating lol. We had a great day! As you can see, we had a great dinner! It's really expensive, but our friend said we couldn't left without having a great dinner, so.... that's it~ He is such nice guy!

Um... btw, like what I said before, I love travelling! Cause I can open my eyes and feel the world. I love travelling with friends too! It's a great chance to know more about each other and create a sweet memory in the relationship! However, I wish I can travelling with myself one day! You know, travelling with yourself is a great opportunity to meet friends, gain experiences, grow up, open your eyes, and know more about yourself etc. I must do this! Yes! I must!

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