Saturday, December 7, 2013

Detour Matters--Fashion Party

Yes, an other fashion event! It's a fashion party, I think lol.

A little high fashion show in there. As you can see, so many people there! Designers, teachers, and even students(like me and my friends lol)!

Happy to met some new friends there! And, of course, Six Lee too! So happy that could took photo with him! Also, I saw Robert Wun and Haven Plz etc. If you know more about Hong Kong fashion designers, you must knew them!

I had a really great night! Free beers, musics, dance, fashions, and friends! I like this party so much! Can see different people there! An opportunity to open my small eyes lol. However, I was too shy to chat with others lol. Anyway, when will be the next chance to join fashion event? I don't know. I wish that I don't need to wait too long :P.

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Stay tunes and stay safe,
xoxo, Erin

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