Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gathering With Friends

1. White see-through shirt
2. Black one-piece dress form Cotton On
3. DIY shoes by me

Hello there:D! On 31.7.2013, I went to dinner with my friends that I met in last year. I met them because of a summer design camp and we were in the same group. They're so cute and nice. So glad to see them after a year, it's really a nice gathering:)! Btw, I bought some clothes in H&M that day, they're on sale! Hope that I will show it to you some day:)!

早幾天,就是7月31日,我跟一些在上年暑假認識的朋友聚會,會認識他們全是因為我們都參加了一個設計體驗營,而且我們都是同組的啊!他們很可愛很單純,可以在一年後再相聚真是難得,真的很開心啊! 對了!那天在H&M買了幾件衣服,中環的H&M在大減價耶!不可以放過這些機會!希望以後我還有機會跟大家分享這些新衣服;)!

stay safe, xoxo

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