Sunday, August 11, 2013

Before the storm come

1. colorful cap form Taiwan
2. gilet from Monstar beatz
3. pants from Maple
4. boots from Dr. Martens
5. america print scarf from Cotton On
Hello there! It's really a nice shooting day! So happy to shoot with my friend, Kasa, she is a girl like me, chasing our fashion dream. She got her own style so everyone should go check her out! I got her tumblr, here it is: . Also, she have an lookbook's account too (! Fan her and hype her looks! I believe that she will be very happy!
Anyway, the storm in coming, lucky that we shoot this look before the storm comes!

很幸運地可以在風暴到來之前拍到這輯相片!天氣很好,很熱,太陽很大,所以我都穿點活力感大的服裝!對了!前幾天看了一齣本地的電影《狂舞派》,看完了讓我很想像跳舞啊!是的!我是一名舞蹈愛好者,你也可以看到,我的上衣的字是說:I'm a dance lover.,但是啊~我要把大部分的時間都獻給fashion啦 :P,所以...跳舞啊...晚一點才說吧! 啊!對啦!上面那位是我的好朋友,她也是fashion lover,她的夢想跟我一樣呢!而且未來兩年,我和她也會再做同學啊!很開心啊!有朋友一齊追逐夢想是很幸福的事!她啊,也有tumblr,大家可以進去看看(,然後咧...她也開了lookbook的帳戶(,大家去fan好和hype她的looks吧!我相信她會很開心:D!

stay safe, xoxo


  1. Hello Erin,

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    1. wow! Thank you, Valencia! Thanks for the invite! I would love to post looks on WhatIWear! It's my pleasure! Thanks again:)!