Sunday, July 28, 2013

TaiPei Trip

A few weeks ago(7.7.2013~12.7.2013), I went to TaiPei with my friends and my mom. It's my first time to go out my city and fly to a place that I don't know. I was so exciting! We planned every things by ourselves and it was so cool, you know, no need to follow people is really cool and everyone shouldn't follow anyone too.
We went to so many different places and we tried so many things that we can't do in Hong Kong! I was so happy in this trip and I would like to go to Taiwan again:D! Also, I bought a lot of staffs there, you know shopping in Taiwan is really good because the things in there are so cheap, like foods, toys, skincare products, clothes etc. I will post it some day on the blog, so stay tune:). I will talk about the skincare products and fashion:)!

Btw, here is a song I would like to share to everyone. It call 張三的歌 and sang by a Taiwan singer name 張懸. I like her songs so much! Because her songs are so touching and her voice is so special, I think people will fall in love with her voice because it's just so sexy! And this song, the lyrics are so good, it sing my feeling! That's why I love it! You know what, I love traveling cuz I can open my eyes and know more about the world and me. I can see different things in the world like the people, their culture, their lifestyle, their building, their fashion etc. There are so many places I wish to go. And I would love to fly to all the places in this world, even it's a very poor place like Africa, I believe that every places in this world must have something nice and beautiful! We just need to go there and find it.

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