Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1) White top from Taiwan
2) Blue shirt from vintage shop
3) Blue pants from Maple
4) DIY shoes by me

很榮幸能有機會訪問到子通,真是多虧了妹妹的功課!他是鐵樹蘭的鼓手,這樂隊玩的音樂風格是重型的,但我超喜歡這隊樂隊。在這次訪問中,我了解他們多了,也學會了很多道理,真的讓我得着很多!而且,因為這次機會,我可以上到他們的band room,可以看到他們玩音樂的地方,真的太開心了!感覺自己和我的男神又近了一步!真的讓我開心的不得了!

I'm honored to have an opportunity to visit Chi Tung, really thanks my sister because of her interview homework. He is a drummer in a band, although their style is metal, but I just love it! During the interview, I knew them more and learned a lot, really made me got a lot. Moreover, because of the interview, I have a chance to go to their band room so I can see where they play music, I was really happy!!! I felt like I was a step closer to my idol <3. 

這是他們其中一首歌曲,也是因為這首歌,我才愛上他們。在訪問中,我們也談及了這首歌,了解了這首歌的背景,讓我更喜歡這首歌!這首《忘不了》也是他們四子最喜歡的一首,很開心我和他們也喜歡同一首歌 :$!我也記得,這歌讓我聽到哭了,也是因為這首歌,我才開始接觸重型音樂,更越來越愛,越愛越深!

This is one of their songs. Because of this song, I started loving them! In the interview, we talked about this song, I knew about the background of this song and this made me love this song more and more! I remember that, I cried while I was listening this song. And I remember that, I started listening metal music because of this song. Since I started listening metal music, I can't even stop! I love this type of musics more and more!

stay safe, xoxo

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