Sunday, August 4, 2013

Band Show Again & Grandpa's Birthday!

1. White t-shirt from Cotton On
2. Dark blue dress form second hand shop
3. DIY shoes by me:)
4. Shoe with England flag necklace from Forever21

Hi everyone:D~ I was so happy today cuz I went to watch local band show again! You know, I like music so much, especially band's music! I went to support my favorite band, Supper Moment, they were awesome and work very hard! And, I like their vocal very much:$... Um....I think you guys will know how much I love watching band show haha:P( cuz I think I'll post a lot in the future:P) After the show, I went to celebrate my grandpapa's birthday. He is about 80....or more( I don't really remember:P). But I wish him the best! I wish my very great grandpapa will be healthy forever! Also, I wish he can take part in my wedding... And, wish that he and my grandmama will be happiness forever! At last, I wish that, one day, they will believe in God and I'll meet them in paradise again after I die, so that we can live together, again.:)

今天很開心耶!我又可以去看樂隊表演啦!你知道嗎?我超級喜歡樂隊音樂的!今天去棒我喜歡的Supper Moment場,真的超開心啊!!當然,最開心的是,我可以和我最愛的Sunny見面:$!超害羞的啦:$!他啊,今天走過來拿水樽裝打我和朋友的頭,但是我太緊張又太笨的只想念著要趕快like商場的Facebook page,然後走拿免費的爆米花和雪米糯,就因為這樣我沒有好好的回應他:(... 我真的太笨了!這麼難得的機會!不過沒關係啦!反而我想念他到瘋狂的地步,現在可以見個面,打個小招呼,聽他唱歌,我就已經超級超級超級開心和幸福啦! 看完表演之後,我就去替公公慶生!公公都大約80歲啦吧....其實我也不清楚:P,反正公公就怎看也不像80~我呀,希望我的公公能健健康康的,然後能看到我結婚和生小孩,也希望公公和婆婆能永遠幸福的在一起!我真的想像不到如果公公或婆婆離開了世界,我會怎樣:(.... 我最最最最希望的,當然是公公和婆婆都能相信主,回來主的懷抱當中啦:3。

stay safe, xoxo

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