Monday, April 21, 2014

19.4.2014 Bio Beauty Catwalk Show - Rock N Roll

Hello there! It's been a while! I was so busy, too much workload. Recently, since ester holiday was came, I can take a short break(finally). And because of my friend, I had a chance to be a model in a catwalk show. Thanks my friend for inviting me as her model! Thank you, Juddy, you can be a very good makeup artist, I believe! I had so much fun:)!

This time, we decided ''Metal Music'' as our theme. Yup, can't leave without metal things haha. But we3 came out so perfectly, didn't it?

As it is a make-up competition, Juddy drew some tattoos on my body, and I really love it!! That's make me really want to have a tattoo! Actually, I always want to get a tattoo, but there aren't something really meaningful for me to remember in my whole life, so far~ ooopppps~

Okay, thanks for reading my blog again! I apologize for my late post.

Stay happy, Stay tuned.
(ps. I was addicted with The Pretty Reckless' new album recently! I listen it everyday! Do anyone like them also? chat with me:P)

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