Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hong Kong Sevens (1st Day)

These days was the Hong Kong Sevens's days! I was so lucky that we join the party on the first day of the competition! You know, I play rugby, and I like rugby so much! It's my honored to join though I had joined a few times:P.

Hong Kong Sevens is always like a big international party. People drink and dance. And they dress up in different costumes. It's really happy there! And it's a great place to meet friends! Me and my friends had great fun there!

And right now, I'm sitting in front of my TV and watching the Sevens's live, and listening musics, and drinking tea, and blogging. And I'm gonna stop blogging cause the match is still going on! See ya!

xoxo, stay tuned and stay safe,

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