Sunday, October 27, 2013

Helloween Party

Hello everyone! It's been awhile that haven't blogging! Sorry about that, I've been very busy on the assignments! Anyway, let me re-posting the Halloween blog first!

I went to Ocean Park for the Halloween Party on 27/10 with Kasa, Mandy(schoolmate in design school) and my sis. Me and Kasa made up and dressed up to join the party. I had so much fun on it:D!
What I dressed on that day?
1) top from a store in Taiwan
2) cardigan from weekendwardrobe
3) dress from MeiChi
4) Shoes from Concon
It kinda look like retro style? I don't know haha :P.

I will update very soon, so stay tune!

stay safe, xoxo

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