Monday, September 23, 2013

Understanding Myself

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4. boots: Dr. Martens

  經過了兩星期的上學,我發現自己真的有很多很多不足之處,有很多需要改善的地方!首先就是脾氣問題,平日的我脾氣很好,就像沒底線,但其實我的情緒起伏大得很!(當然,女生每個月有幾天心情是特別差) 我的脾氣很怪,上一秒可以很瘋狂,下一秒就可以靜到不得了,總之就是起伏很大,變幻無常,我也捉摸不了!有人說這是藝術家脾氣,其實...藝術家脾氣就是怪。

During this two weeks of my school life, I discovered my shortcomings! I do need to improve myself!
First of all, my temper. I'm a good temper person, normally, people may think I don't have bottom-line. (Of course, there are few days that girls always feel anger or no mood) My temper is so weird. I can be so crazy in this moment, but in the next minute, I can be so blue. Just so freaking weird, so freaking elusive. Some people say, THIS IS WHAT ARTISTS LOOK LIKE. The truth is, ARTISTS ARE STRANGE. 


And then, I found that I do like to manage somethings, even a person, but only the people I like or the people are important to me. I like to plan everything cuz I think good planning helps people walk easier. It's a pity that no one appreciate me (they may think I am so annoying). They will break the schedule, they won't follow my plan. And then my bad mood comes out haha. But you know what, it's really hurt me... However, they are no Erin, they have their rights to choose their life. You don't even follow your planning too, how can you control other? So, I shall only mind my own business, not other's. 

  其實自己還有很多地方需要改進,例如時間管理﹑金錢管理等等等等,最需要改的就是自己的惰性!因為懶惰,我不想去認真做任何事,包括改善自己... 我很明白懶惰帶來的壞處,而且作為一位時裝設計師就更不應該懶惰!可惜真的本性難移啊~剛開學的我還真的比較好,比較勤奮少少,其實是被逼要勤奮一點...但其實還是不足夠的!而且再過一段日子,我必定會懶起來!我不要這樣啊...如何才讓決心大於惰性啊?

Honesty, the thing that I must change is, INERTIA!!!!! I'm really a freaking lazy girl! I know! I know that lazy can kill myself! I can't be a lazy fashion designer! Because designer are hardworking! However, a leopard never changes his spots... I knew I'm a lazy girl when I was a little girl, but it's hard to change... I don't like this! I want some change! Teach me how to be a hardworking person!


Last and the most important, I can't rely on anyone, I need to try to be friend with Ms. Lonely.

stay safe, xoxo

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